Windows designed, fabricated, and installed by Full Spectrum Stained Glass, Inc. studio.

Services Provided:[list_4]

  • Concept Design for Committee approval.
  • Full Scale Design for Congregation presentation.
  • Fabrication of stained glass panels including painted and kiln fired pieces, and etched pieces.
  • Removal of existing Sanctuary frames and windows.
  • Designed, procured, and installed new custom aluminum frames for the Sanctuary and barrier free entryway.
  • Installed vented protective glazing on the exterior of Sanctuary and barrier free entry windows.
  • Installed stained glass panels into Sanctuary, barrier free entry, and front entry sidelights and transoms.
  • Clean up of all affected areas.



  • Twelve windows 33” x 96”.
  • Two windows 23” x 53”.
  • Two sidelights and transoms.
  • 277 total square feet.