Existing windows are replaced with Stained Glass Windows in new custom aluminum frames.

Existing Frames and Glazing are removed with care.

Window openings are cleaned to ensure a proper fit and seal of the New Custom Frames.

Any necessary repairs are made to sills, both interior and exterior. Dust control is a standard practice.

New frames and windows are glazed with appropriate materials for each application.

Furnishings and fixtures are protected.

Whether Stained Glass Windows are being installed into new construction, or windows in an existing structure are being replaced; our craftsmen work in a courteous and conscientious manner. Measures are taken to protect your furnishings and landscaping.

Upon completion of the installation phases, affected areas are cleaned and put back in order. Full Spectrum Stained Glass, Inc. will complete your project, from start to finish, with minimum inconvenience to you and minimal disturbance of your facility.