Three metals commonly used to support Architectural Stained Glass Windows are steel, bronze, and aluminum. Each is best suited for a particular application, depending on a wide variety of conditions. Steel is often used to divide large windows into smaller sections so leaded panels can be adequately supported. Steel is best used when exposure to the exterior is limited. Bronze is often used in masonry settings. Aluminum works well in many new installations. Custom aluminum frames can be fabricated to fit nearly any window configuration.

A wide variety of extruded aluminum frames are available for new or replacement projects. The simplest are designed to hold a stained glass panel or a single layer of protective glazing (background right). Other profiles can support both leaded glass panels and insulated glass used as protective glazing (foreground).

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Templates were made and frames fabricated to support the protective glazing (storm windows) on these stained glass windows. Frames are fabricated by custom commercial manufactures.