Steel framed casement windows pictured left are often found in liturgical and institutional settings. Restoration of the steel sash/frame and bronze hardware can return the windows to their intended functionality using very little new material. Restoration preserves embodied energy and authenticity which in the long view may be greener than other heavily promoted alternatives.

Ventilators, usually made of steel or bronze are sometimes referred to as operable windows or sashes, awning windows, pivot windows (right) and projecting windows. Restoration or replication of frame, sash and hardware can be achieved.

After leaded glass and hardware are removed the remaining components are blasted with appropriate media to remove loose paint, rust and expose any damage that needs repair.

The casement frame pictured right is painted with primer over a freshly blasted surface. Primer must be compatible with subsequent top or color coats of paint. Several paint systems are available ranging from recognizable hardware store brands to industrial and marine grade paint finishes.

Bronze, Brass and Copper hardware can be polished and coated with lacquer (lower pair) or used with its acquired patina (upper pair).



Detail images above are a restored pivot window ventilator with marine grade paint and polished hardware.


Pictured above are one set of original ‘Chicago Metallic Sash Company’ bronze hardware and one set of reproduced hardware (the original set holes are filled with clay).
Hardware replication by Krontz General Machine, Sturgis, MI and Bierema Brass and Aluminum, Centreville, MI.