With frame members in place sheeting could be installed on the exterior as well as additional winter protection. On the interior a decorative white insulating cover was applied (pictured in restoration section).

Removing stained glass panels from the wooden sashes allowed repairs to be made on sash members that had deteriorated plus evaluation and restoration of the panels.

Several Types of joinery can be found on early art glass window sashes some types hold up longer than others, most can be reproduced when necessary by our craftsman only quality materials are used for repair and painting.


After panel restoration and sash repair glazed sashes returned to the job-site are installed in the new frame.

Photograph at left is courtesy of Rod Sanford and Lansing State Journal

Exterior millwork redesigned to include sills on all horizontal members in turn eliminated joints that previously allowed water infiltration. Tooling was designed and fabricated by Krontz General Machine Sturgis, Mi. to reproduce original details in the millwork.

Properly executed restoration procedures and significant design changes to the framing system resulted in only a subtle change to the appearance of this Monumental Art glass window. It will stand for many more decades adjacent to Michigan’s State Capital Building.