Church maintenance staff discovered deterioration of some exterior millwork on this monumental stained glass window. Church Representatives engaged Sawson Design Lansing, Mi. to evaluate the window and oversee repairs. Initially it was decided the failing protective glazing and most exterior millwork would need to be removed for further evaluation. Various scenarios for repair were discussed.

Earlier suspicions being confirmed the entire stained glass window and frame needed to be removed. Replacement of complete frame, exterior millwork and protective glazing proved to be necessary. Scaffolding and containment erected in the sanctuary is visible in image above.

Interior trim and millwork would be salvaged for reuse after repairs. Above individual stained glass panels in their sashes are carefully removed as consequences of the previous design and construction were more closely scrutinized.

Stained glass panels in their wooden sashes would be taken to Full spectrum’s studio for evaluation.

After the remaining faulty framing had been removed a new design and frame were needed in a timely manor, (above) a large opening remained exposing scaffolding and containment inside. A temporary cover was put in place.

Good communication and prompt decision making by Sawson Design and Church Representatives allowed Full Spectrum to proceed with fabrication of steel reinforcing for the new frame immediately.

Vertical frame members are prefabricated sandwiching reinforcing steel between continuous lengths of clear Douglas Fir. Frame members are then transported to the job-site.

After repairs to the limestone sill completed by local masons a new cypress sub-sill was set creating a solid base for new frame members.

A final piece of steel reinforcing is installed engaging both window opening perimeters. Location of frame members was crucial to insure stained glass panels and sashes would fit during reinstallation

Prefabricated members are reassembled in the window opening.

Horizontal framing is then added completing a structurally sound grid to support the stained glass panels and sashes.