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Stone Set Windows

‘Stone set windows’ describes the use of stone, usually limestone, sandstone, or cast concrete, to make frames for Stained Glass panels. Typically, no wood is used which eliminates the need for painting the window frames.

A glazing groove (arrow, right) is cut in the stone allowing the glass to be set directly into the masonry grooves. Deterioration of masonry frames is uncommon, but can be repaired with modern epoxy products when minor damage is discovered.

The damage pictured left (arrow) was caused by improper installation of exterior protective glazing.

The damaged area was cleaned to expose stable masonry.

Above epoxy compound is troweled in place.

More significant repairs and modifications can be accomplished. Pictured left, sections of limestone window frames were removed and arched limestone doorways added. In this instance the stained glass panels could be salvaged, restored and resized where necessary.


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