Our goal during the restoration process is to return windows to as near original condition as possible, and correct the conditions that cause them to fail. Restored windows should last longer than when they were originally built. Professionally restored windows will add considerably to the outward appearance of the building, as well as rekindle the Congregation’s pride in their place of Worship.


1. Removal
Removal of stained glass windows is usually necessary to accomplish any significant repair or restoration.


2. Restoration of glass
Our skilled craftsmen and artists can repair, as well as replicate originals when necessary.


3. Re-installation
The use of modern sealant and structural material can improve the expected longevity of restored windows without altering appearance or affecting the artistic intent.

Conservation – “The skilled repair and maintenance of cultural artifacts…with the aim of extending their longevity and aesthetic qualities.”

Restoration – “The process of returning an object to as near its original state as possible, using the same materials and methods where possible.”

(from the Dictionary of Building Preservation)