Window_restoration_removalWe value our employees. Their attentiveness and skill allows Full Spectrum Stained Glass, Inc. to provide our clients with the best possible care for their windows, as well as for the Worship space around them. Our construction practices implement EPA and OSHA Health and Safety Standards. When health and safety are everyone’s concern, we all benefit.

Fall_protection_window_restorationVarious fall protection methods are used at specified working heights and scaffolding must be braced and tied with rigid supports to adjacent structures.

Floor_and_furnishing_protection_during_removalFloors and furnishings (left) are protected; scaffolding is enclosed to contain dust and debris.

image023In some situations extra measures are necessary to protect our employees and our client’s property from hazardous materials found in paint, glazing putty, waterproofing and plaster that are disturbed during the process.

image025Individual window panels are carefully loosened and then removed.

image027Glazing groves are cleaned and resized if necessary to accommodate restored panels properly. Most toxic material can be abated or encapsulated diminishing or eliminating future hazards.

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