Stained_glass_image_restorationFull Spectrum Stained Glass, Inc. makes every effort to save as much original art glass as possible. Repairs are accomplished using a variety of techniques, each suited to the particular situation. All methods are non-destructive and reversible. When necessary, replacement glass is used that matches the original. Repairs are documented using rubbings and photographs. The previously damaged painted piece of glass (right) was repaired using an edge gluing technique. What follows is a brief look at some of the steps involved in repair and restoration of historic architectural art glass.


Rubbings are used to preserve the integrity of the window panels during the restoration process. Documentation of any necessary repair or replacement of historic glass is recorded on archival rag vellum rubbings. Storage rubbings (above) are made on craft paper.

Removing_glass_from_lead_frameSignificant repairs or restoration often require re-leading. The lead came matrix in this window has deteriorated rendering it useless, but making disassembly of the panel relatively easy.

Water_cleaning_processWater is used whenever possible during the disassembly and cleaning process. Care is taken to prevent damage to the historic glass surface and painted details.

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