Final clean-up of stained glass window.

Full scale design with approximately 30% colored in for congregation presentation.

Services Provided:[list_4]
  • Original full color Concept Design for committee approval.
  • Full Scale Design for Congregation presentation.
  • Fabrication of stained glass panels, including painted and kiln fired pieces and etched accents.
  • Removed existing colored glass/insulated glass units.
  • Installed clear, insulated glass units on the exterior into existing frames.
  • Designed, procured and installed custom aluminum frames for stained glass panels.
  • Installed stained glass panels on the interior.
  • Designed and fabricated interior ventilation for the stained glass panels.
  • Clean up affected areas.


Installing the stained glass panels.



  • One window 95’ x 5’o 48 separate panels.
  • 12 different symbols with scriptures.
  • 475 total square feet.[/list_4]